Patrick O'Callaghan is an experienced Barrister in the fields of Chancery Practice; Libel; Commercial Law and General Practice with specialisations in Equity; Injunctions; the Legal Profession and Libel & Slander.


The Irish Bar aims to provide its clients with a high level of expertise in all areas of law combined with skilled advocacy by persons of integrity and independence. Barristers are “briefed” through the medium of solicitors and other professional bodies having direct professional access.

A barrister concentrates and specialises in providing an advisory and/or advocacy service for which he is “briefed” by a solicitor or other body having direct professional access. Any firm of solicitors from the largest international law firm to a sole practitioner practising from a remote area of the country can retain the most eminent barrister to represent their client. Indeed, the independence of the Irish Bar is something on which its members have long prided themselves.


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